Vibrant Lifestyles LLC

Leah N Cole   
Wellness Coach
Aromatherapist &
Reiki Master 

Starting at 275lbs I know what chains obesity can wrap around a persons mind, heart and body. I have now lost 73lbs in this journey to a vibrant life and have learned many lessons in the process. I want to share these lessons with you and help you reach your vibrant lifestyle goals.

I am less than 35lb from my 100lbs loss milestone and am excited to reach the finish line together.

As your coach we will keep it real and as we work together to find success.


Have you been the tired parent
who needs some down time?
TOTALLY EXAUSTED from the day?
 Demands being thrown at you from every direction?
Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who is that looking back?
Today  is Your Day!  You are not alone

Five Step Program ~ Guaranteed Success